Art of Anti-Art !


When I paint I don’t think very much, I like to be in a kind of trance.

I take the ideas from old pictures, I have a lot of books and magazines with pictures, most of them in black and white, and I take the ideas from it. First I choose a picture, later I make a photocopy, because I like the texture of photocopies, and finally I start to make make the draw and paint.

The technique with I’m working now conssist in leather paint (color pigments that are made for leather and has very strong colors, stronger than any other pigment I saw before) on grey recicled cardboard, with knife cuts and thin papers sticked on it. First I make a draw and add the colors, and later I stick very thin papers on it, and later I cut all with knife in a very frenetic act, and later I paint more and stick more papers and cut a little more…

I think is a little agresive act when I’m cutting my work, I feel as I’m liberating some agressivity hiden inside me when I do it.

I love to draw people, all my works has people in it. I never do landscapes or dead natures or abstract paint, just because now I’m not interested in it.

I think my influeces are: terror cinema, blood, madness, decadent glamour, Otto Dix, and expresionism movement in art and cinema.

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